Tiled Solid Roofs By LEVO

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We supply the complete solution for your tiled solid roof project. With 4 x main roof categories which include; everyday pitched roofs, low pitch roofs (as low as 3 degrees), contemporary full height vision panels which run full height eaves to ridge as well as flat roof extensions with an option to add the S1 aluminium lantern to turn the roof into an orangery.

If you dont manufacture window and doors, we can offer the complete project envolope for the ultimate one stop shop experience. This includes folding and sliding doors.


Full Height Vision Panel

Full height glass vison panels eaves to ridge for a modern contemporary tiled roof solution for replacement and new build projects.


Flat Roof Orangery

Using a warm roof construction, this solution is probably the most efficient flat roof on the market thanks to our extensive R&D work.


Tiled Roof with Velux

Our most popular roof style. The Icoroof for impeccable conservatory transformations whilst keeping a traditional feel.


Low Pitched Roof System

A pitch as low as 3 degrees, with a unique cover selected especially to suit the requirements of this design.

  • Fully building reg approved.

  • Thermally efficient.

  • Speedy installation.

  • Structurally approved.

  • Customisable / Bespoke designs.

  • 10-year manufacturer warranty.

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Production snapshot video

You can view a quick snapshot into production to see how pre fabricated roof pods are produced.

Fully Ventilated

Our solid tiled roofs have been designed to breathe.

Trickle ventilation on the eaves creates a 'chimney effect' for air to flow seamlessly through the roof between the underside of the osb and the top of the 155mm insulation.

This eliminates interstitial condensation and moisture build up within the roof envelop.

A pitched tiled roof that you can depend on for all of your projects, including the most testing of rooms such as swimming pools.

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