S1 Lanterns By LEVO Roofs

The S1 Levo Roof Lantern combines security, thermal performance and refined looks to create the ultimate next generation aluminium lantern roof.

S1 Aluminium Lantern Roofs


  • Standard 25 degree pitch.
  • Max dimension 3.2m x 6m.
  • 1.2KN/m2 snowload. Covering the whole of the UK up to 200m altitude.
  • Unique Thermlock® technology gives class leading thermal performance.
  • Intelligent system design creates an ultra secure lantern for added peace of mind.
  • Low line glazing and inline rafter cappings create the ultimate contemporary look.
  • Manufactured in-house in the UK, for a robust and agile supply chain you can rely on.
  • Patented† Sheerline corner joint provides structural integrity and reduces misaligned corners.
  • The SBD upgrade uses security clamping plates to lock laminated glass in place, preventing lifting and removal by would-be intruders† even if rafter top caps have been removed. These stainless steel components are held firmly in place by security screws for added strength.
  • Set at a 25˚ pitch and all weather rated for the whole of the UK*.

  • Style Options

    Levo's S1 aluminium roof lanterns are available in a choice of 13 styles from square ‘pyramid’ designs to grander options suitable for larger ‘orangery’ style installations.

    Maximum sizes range from 3.2m wide to an impressive 6m long.

    S1 lanterns also feature an integral LED light channel in the eaves beam – giving an easy way to add lighting to an installation if required.

  • *Rated for a snow load of 1.2 KN/m2. Covering the whole of the UK up to 200m altitude.

Watch our automated lantern roof vent video.

Flush Roof Vent

With a sleek minimalist design that sits perfectly flush with S1’s rafter bars, and using powered actuators that can be intelligently automated, Sheerline has reimagined roof vents, bringing them into the 21st century at last.

Dispensing with the need for muntin bars, SheerVent® offers reliable ventilation without the risk of leaks.

Fully thermally broken and using the same high-performance glazing as the rest of the S1 roof, SheerVent® is yet another feature that puts the S1 lantern ahead of the competition.

Thermally Efficient

Thermlock® multi-chamber technology used in the eaves beam, ridge and all rafter and hip bars creates an exceptionally thermally insulated lantern.

With a unique co-extruded perimeter seal ensuring draughts and rain are kept safely outside, while 28mm glazing allows acoustic dampening glass to be fitted if required.

The multi-chamber technology is far superior to traditional polyamide systems based around 24mm glazing.

Our eaves beam design also ensures aluminium sections remain internal, preventing cold bridging and condensation issues.

Modern Design

Slim, ultra low line aesthetics.

Careful attention has been given to style with rafter and hip top caps sitting just 8mm above the exterior glazing level.

While corner and rafter end caps run perfectly in line with the perimeter of the lantern, creating a sleek and refined architectural appearance.

Low line glazing and inline rafter cappings create the ultimate contemporary look.

Manufactured with interior design in mind. The lantern has a U channel profile around the internal parameter to house LED lighting. This can he hard wired or battery powered to your requirements.

S1 aluminium lantern - secure by design video

Secure By Design Upgrade

Secure By Design (SBD) is a police-backed initiative that identifies products that offer increased levels of security.

This optional security upgrade adds an extra layer of defence ensuring that your S1 aluminium roof lantern is secure enough to withstand opportunist criminals, providing extra peace of mind.

The light ring of the fingerprint scanner communicates with the user via different colours and is another visual highlight.

The optional upgrade adds additional security clamping plates, locking the SBD lantern’s laminated glass panels in place, preventing them from being lifted and removed by would-be intruders* even if rafter top caps have been removed.

The ekey dLine is administered with the ekey bionyx app. You can use the app to import new firm-ware updates and thus always be up to date with the latest technology. You benefit from the constant continued developments and new features.

These stainless steel components are held firmly in place by stainless steel security screws for added strength.

Lantern Roofs


  • Unique patent pending glass lock.
  • Integral gaskets prevent top caps from slipping.
  • High performance glazing tape adds a layer of security.
  • Anti-Tamper Security Screws for attaching end caps to the roof bars, preventing them from being removed.
  • High Security radius end top caps that are bolted through from the inside with a high security radius end metal fixing.
  • All rafter & hip rafter top caps are protected by an overlapping cast end cap which prevents access to the end of the bar and tops caps from being removed when attacked.

Lantern Roofs


  • A unique co-extruded perimeter seal also ensures draughts and rain are kept safely outside.
  • A unique co-extruded perimeter seal also ensures draughts and rain are kept safely outside.
  • Ridge body design prevents the risk of water tracking up and around the glass unit by fully sealing the unit within the glazing pocket.
  • The most thermally efficient eaves beam assembly ensures aluminium remains internal which helps reduce cold-bridging and condensation issues.
  • Innovative Thermlock® technology in all profiles keeps heating bills low. The multi-chamber technology is also far superior to traditional polyamide systems
  • High performance 28mm glazing 1.0 U-value W/(m²K) centre pane* provides truly exceptional thermal performance and gives the homeowner more options such as laminated or acoustic IGU’s.

Lantern Roofs


  • 2-way and 4-way roof options available
  • Integrated LED light strip channels in both the Eaves Beam & Ridge
  • Available in a range of colours to suit every home and interior.
  • Shallow top caps sit 8mm above external glass provide an ultra-low profile.
  • Slim, consistent 50mm rafter, hip and ridge sightlines maximise the light flooding into the home.
  • Deep internal roof bars, clean lines and discrete external aesthetics create an exceptional looking roof.
  • Glass closure trim with rafter end caps that run perfectly parallel creating a refined architectural look with clean, crisp modern lines.

S1 aluminium lantern - min / max dimensions video

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