Collection: S1 Aluminium Lantern Roofs

S1 Lanterns By LEVO Roofs

The S1 Levo Roof Lantern combines security, thermal performance and refined looks to create the ultimate next generation aluminium lantern roof

Levo's S1 aluminium roof lanterns are available in a choice of 13 styles from square ‘pyramid’ designs to grander options suitable for larger ‘orangery’ style installations.
Maximum sizes range from 3.2m wide to an impressive 6m long, all set at a 25˚ pitch and all weather rated for the whole of the UK*.
S1 lanterns also feature an integral LED light channel in the eaves beam – giving an easy way to add lighting to an installation if required.
*Rated for a snow load of 1.2 KN/m2. Covering the whole of the UK up to 200m altitude.