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Style 1 - Non Opening - Fixed Static Caravan Window

Style 1 - Non Opening - Fixed Static Caravan Window

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Static Caravan Double Glazing - Static Caravan Windows Style 1

Non Opening - Fixed Static Caravan Window


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The glass is double glazed and is bonded into the window using double sided security tape. Our static caravan windows can only be deglazed from inside of the boat. Giving you extra peace of mind that you are safe on your narrow boat.

White cockspur handles are installed on all opening windows to ensure for tight secure locking from the inside.

Lead Time:

Our products are manufactured to order. Our manufacturing time for white windows / doors are within 4 weeks & painted windows 6 weeks from order confirmation.

Condition is New:

All our products are manufactured to order.



Always measure from inside.

Remove any internal trim around the window to reveal the existing window. Simply measure the existing window. If the existing window is a very tight fit, reduce the overall size by 5mm to allow for easy installation. 

Do not worry if you have rounded corners, these can easily squared off using a hand held oscillating saw. The corners do not need to be 'professionally squared' as the external overlap of the upvc window frame will cover the corners and therefore will not be seen.


The windows can be two ways dependent on the finish you require.

  • Screw Fix: If your wall construction differs than the above wall thickness, or you'd prefer to trim the internal surround of the window with the existing timber or an new timber beading then you can fix them using screw fix through the depth of the window frame into the timber subframe of the window. Simply open the vent and screw through the frame
  • Aluminium Fixing Kit: Installed by knocking an aluminium fixing bar into the specially designed window, giving a secure clamp fix finish. The fixing bar then doubles up as an internal trim which sits flush to the inner wall. This is suitable for wall construction of 38mm or 53mm. 
  • You will need to seal the odd leg frame (external lip) with non drying sealant silicone. As the caravan is constantly moving, if you use standard silicone, it will crack and leak over time. You can also use a neoprene foam tape.
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